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Terms & Definitions

The portion of the hinge formed by knuckles of both hinge leaves that wrap around the pin.
The thickness of a hinge leaf.
The length of the leaves measured parallel to the pin.
The overall dimension of the leaves measured perpendicular to, or across, the pin.
A hinge barrel whose ends are beveled towards each other.
The hollow circular part at the joint of a hinge through which a pin is passed. The knuckle is often called a loop, joint, node or curl.
The nominal or typical dimension of the knuckle measured parallel to the pin.
The segment of the hinge extending outward from the knuckle, which rotates around the hinge pin.
The dimension from the center of the pin to the outer edge of the leaf.
A hinge pin secured by a knurl on the pin and spun on both ends or by other means.
Forming one or both leaves away from the center of the pin. Offsetting slightly decreases leaf width.
The minimum dimension between the outer face of the knuckle and the opposing edge of the cutout over the hinge's entire range of pivotal movement.
A rod or wire form that is inserted through the hinge knuckles to join two hinge leaves.
The dimension from a point on the knuckle to the same point on an adjacent knuckle on the same leaf.
Forming one or both leaves toward or beyond the centerline of the pin. Swaging reduces the distance between the leaves when the hinge is closed to a parallel position and slightly increases leaf width.
A hinge manufactured to limit the travel of the leaves to a specified angle.